Annexes in English

How to make hair with felted wool – EN

1 – You need :  2 –  The hair is pricked directly on the head of the doll, hair strand by hair strand. 3 –  Repeat the movement several times to push the hair strand. 4 – The result :   Enjoy !

How to make eyes with felted wool – EN

1 –  You need :  2 – Take a little felted wool. 3 – Form a ball. Prick it with you felting needle and work the shape of the eye. 4 – Pull outward the excess material with the felting needle to form the desired shape. 5 – With the same principle, add the white.…

How to sew the legs – EN

–  Pull the needle out between the last 2 rounds of the leg. –  Place a marker on the body where you want to put the leg. Repeat the last 4 steps 2 times.  Do not overtighten if you want it to sit down.

Pop Corn Stitch – EN

– Make a several double crochet in the same stitch (the number is indicated in the pattern). –  Insert your crochet in the first double crochet and in the last double crochet. – Make a slip stitch to pull the thread through the two loops and make 1 ch loop to finish your popcorn stitch.…

Bobble Stitch – EN

1 –  Start by making an unfinished double crochet in a stitch, you don’t do the last step. You have two loops on your crochet. 2 –  Make a yarn over and insert your crochet in the stitch, make a yarn over again. 3 –  Now, you have 4 loops on your crochet. 4 – …